About Us

Our work culture at Third Generation Painting Co. encompasses the best of the construction industry. We supply training and opportunity for individuals to expand their knowledge in not only the construction industry but interpersonal and team building skills.

We provide our employees with job stability. We have some employees who have been with TGP for 20+ years. Our compensation package provides not only a competitive hourly wage but benefits that are attractive and necessary. We supply group medical insurance, vacation/sick leave, 401K retirement, and opportunities to work on prevailing wage projects. When traveling out of the Eugene/Springfield area is required, TGP supplies transportation, daily per diem to cover meals and hotel costs. TGP is committed to following labor laws, consistent safety training, and a drug-free workplace that is safe for everyone.

Team Members

Della Hill

Della is a native of Eugene, Oregon.  She grew up working in her parents’ jewelry store, living in the country riding horses and feeding cattle.  She is a graduate of Churchill High School and pursued a career in banking as an operations office for 7 years before establishing Third Generation Painting Co. with David.  She has been married to him for 38 years, is the mother of 3 kids, and “Mimi” to the world’s three most adorable grandchildren. When not working, she loves cooking for her family and friends, focusing on her favorite local charities, studying history, gardening, home décor, Oregon Duck Football(and tailgate parties!) and traveling the world because she is a small town girl who can’t resist big cities!

Three things about me:

  1. I’m addicted to ACORN TV.
  2. I could spend a fortune on cute workout clothes.
  3. In high school, I was a “mannequin model,” when that was a thing.

David Hill

David was born in Springfield, Oregon to John and Joyce Hill. Both his grandfather and father were painters by trade and he grew up working in the family business.  After graduating from Churchill High School, he entered the electrical apprenticeship, where he obtained his Oregon journeyman’s license. In 1982, he returned to his first love of painting due to the economic slump in the area.  He has never looked back and really enjoys the challenge of the construction business.

Besides being the father to sons Andrew and Alex, daughter Elizabeth, he is “Papa” to three grandkids.  When not working he loves hunting, fishing, watersports, snowmobiling, rebuilding muscle cars, playing golf, and supporting Oregon Duck Football.

Three things about me:

  1. I love to travel to warm places in the winter.
  2. I enjoy the Hallmark Channel.
  3. I am well known for my smoking and grilling skills.

Ron Baker

Ron has lived in Eugene, OR since 1946.  Ron attended South Eugene High School where he met his future wife, Helen.  He graduated in 1964, and afterward, attended Lane Community College. In 2017, Ron and Helen celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Ron has been active in church as an usher for many years and volunteered for various jobs at the University of Oregon for the sports of football, basketball, and track and field.  His first volunteer opportunity for the United States Olympic Track and Field Trials came in 1976. He continues to volunteer for NCAA Track and Field Championships.

Three things about me:

  1. At three years old, I cut my one-year-old twin brothers’ hair with grass shears!
  2. I like to listen to “Golden Oldies” music on the radio or our “Amazon Alexa” device.
  3. I love to play cribbage on a daily basis and play in tournaments around the country and online.

Andrew Hill

In 1985, just like my father, he was born with a paintbrush in his hand. Throughout high school and college, he worked summers and part-time with the company. Andrew graduated from Marist High School in 2003 and attended LCC from ‘03 through 2006.  During this time, he studied for a career in law enforcement and secured a job as an armored car driver through AT Systems (now Garda).  In the summer of 2008, he decided to go back to painting full time as project foreman. His first task was painting a Bi-Mart in Deer Park, WA, which is just North of Spokane.

Andrew and his wife Liz got married April 28th, 2012, have 2 beautiful daughters, Abigail and Caroline. Abbie, their oldest loves to help with projects around the house, especially painting!

Three things about me:

  1. I love my family!  
  2. Try as I might, I am definitely a painter and NOT a carpenter.   
  3. I am a total coatings geek! I really enjoy learning about products and applications.

Alex Hill

Alex was born in 1990 and just like the rest of his family; he was born with paint in his blood. Growing up, he displayed the creative aptitudes of being able to dismantle and/or build anything he set his mind to!  He would join his dad and brother at work through the summers, learning the tricks and tips of the trade. He worked part-time during his junior and senior year at Churchill High School and graduated in 2009. He has been a project foreman for 10 years and is working his way into being an estimator.

When not working, he enjoys snowmobiling, dirt bikes, polishing his culinary skills, and cruising in his recently completed 1970 Chevelle.

Alex has one son named Kaden, who is showing signs of being a world-class tinkerer, just like his dad. Alex spends any free moment he has with this son.

Three things about me:

  • I went on my first snowmobile ride when I was less than a year old.
  • People envy my shotgun skills.    
  • As a trumpet player in the 5th grade, I performed in the Lane County Fair Talent show with a group of classmates.